Georgia - Lappies and Marina

Lappies and Marina are missionaries in Georgia, supported by the Father's House.

Brief bio

Lappies was born in Bellville, South Africa and Marina was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. They met in August 2006 and married in April 2007 in Georgia! In September 2007 they came to SA to live and became radically saved in May 2008 at a “Catch the Fire” conference held in Durbanville. We joined The Father’s House within 3 weeks and enrolled in the first available membership training. The Lord spoke to their hearts to heal the sick and in June 2008 completed the Healing Rooms training at Pinelands, Parow Lighthouse and the Father's House.  They started serving in the Father's House Healing Rooms (now Healing Streams) and continued until they left for Georgia in December 2009.

Early in 2009 they both had dreams and visions with regards to becoming involved in mission work. Through continued prayer and fasting, the Lord confirmed this to their hearts many times. Without telling anyone about this they asked the Lord to please give them confirmation through other trusted believers. God confirmed this calling through 3 different individuals at various times.


Read on for information as to what they are achieving in Georgia - as told in their own words.

Healing Rooms, Skype and Facebook

Underlying all of this our hearts continued burning to bring salvation to the lost & to bring deliverance & healing the sick: hence us registering the healing rooms in Georgia known as “The Fathers House” in April 2010. The Fathers House is open 2 days a week, and the people come from as far as 300km. We also use the internet through Skype & Facebook to minister internationally to people in Italy, USA, Ireland, Turkey, Russia, South Africa and in Georgia. God continues to do miracles at the Healing Rooms & via internet; salvations, deliverance, counselling & healings.

Evangelism to Muslims

We targeted a Muslim village to do door to door evangelism every 2nd day for a period of 6 months. Holy Spirit brought 8 families to salvation. We prayed for many other Muslims whom the Lord healed, even though they had not accepted Him yet! About 4 thousand bibles in their own language was handed out during this time & also about 800 DVD’s which had The Jesus film and testimonies of Muslims who had come to salvation.

Ministry to Street Children

The majority of them are Kurdish in background and Muslim in their faith. They are often viewed as a nuisance to those who walk the streets because of their aggressive persistence in begging for money. Twice a week we rent a room for 5 hours each day at a cost of R2,000.00 per month. Here we feed them, teach bible lessons, to read & write, craft lessons & play games/sports with them.

Ministry to Bag Ladies on the Street

We give them food, share the love of Jesus with them & pray with them.

Assist Village Pastors

By invitation we come alongside village pastors to encourage them and assist within the village churches & with rural outreaches. We bring a fresh Word of God, evangelise, heal the sick, hand out reading spectacles, 2nd hand clothing & bibles in communities. Transport however poses a bit of a problem at times, as public transport is not always available to the remote places. We usually go there by taxi & hitch hike back.

Hospital Visitations

We get calls from unknown people who heard of us from someone else & who ask us to come to the hospitals to pray for a loved one.

Prayer Network in Georgia

Every day at 9 am & 9 pm, we stand in agreement with the Georgian prayer network for various requests.

Networking with wider Body

We work closely with other ministries for i.e.: Teen Challenge, Post Abortion, various interdenominational churches and YWAM. They refer people to us for counselling, healing, prayer & deliverance.

Friendship Evangelism and Assistance to SA Farmers

12 SA Farmers, some with families, have bought land within 100 km radius from Tbilisi. We have come alongside them & assist them in various ways. In a few short months, God has established strong bonds of love, trust & mutual respect between us.

Home church in Tbilisi

We actively belong to an International Christian Fellowship in Tbilisi. Lappies is on the leaders team & together we lead the bible study for couples. We are also involved with the prayer ministry. All our outreaches have the blessing of our Pastor Jack Stimmel & the leaders.

Prayer requests for 2012

  • Favour with the church leaders to accept the 4/14 vision for children
  • Favour with government re purchase of land & purchase price
  • Location of land
  • 4 X 4 Vehicle for farm & outreaches (R56,000)
  • Finances for mp3 bibles @ R216 each
  • Industrial DVD writer to cut ministry DVD’s

The Father's House encourage's people to support them by giving a donation to the church bank account clearly marked – Lappies and Marina

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